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Visit Is That All There Is...The Journey Within



"Journey Within": A monthly group that offers messages each month from Cindy from God for you. Empowerment tools are given to develope your gifts.  You will get to know who you are "inside and out" as you build your Spiriutal self!  Group support and new friends! Guest speakers throughout the year.When: 1st Wed. of each month, evening 7:00 pm 


"Tune in and tap in!" This group is about using your inner guidance, healing, energy, power of thought, looking at the bigger picture, topics, meditation, books, music, learning, joy, fun......If you are looking to find out more about you, your passion, facilitate as a healer this group will help you step out so you can develop and use your gifts. When: the 2nd Fri. each month, AM group 10:00 am 



"Intuitive sessions": Messages from God filled with His love and insight into your life.  They may be in person or on the phone 



Cindy writes about God, being spiritual, life,humor, even lyrics.

Her work consists of books, poems, quotes, prayers many given to her by God.

Her new book "Is that all there is - The Journey Within" can be purchased now, click here

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Note: Lyrics for music (if you are seeking lyrics for your song please contact me). If you have something you would like to share I would love to hear form you.




Cindy conceptualized, produced and hosted “The Human Odyssey,” a public TV talk show where she discussed metaphysical subjects with local practitioners.

Guest on "Practical Talk" Comcast cable shows

Guest on "These Days" Comcast cable shows

Court TV's Psychic Detective show at the Time-Warner Building located in N.Y.C.



You can watch  Cindy's inspirational shows onyoutube channel.



Here is the radio show tab to hear Cindy on the radio.



Cindy is the founder of a interfaith nonprofit learning metaphysical and holistic organization and teaches there as well.

Has presented at Wainwright House, Rye, NY 

Teacher at adult ed CT: Foothills, Danbury, Trumbull, Westport and Brewster, NY.


WORKSHOPS: Classes (2 hours long):

"How to listen and talk with God"
This workshop will teach you how easy and helpful it is to develope a relationship with God, Christ and His angels.
A fun filled class while learning how to receive divine messages.    
“the truth & confirmation that came through was astounding” per student

"Meditating and prayer"
Do you have a hard time letting go?
Do you not know how to trust God?
Are you trying to understand your purpose?
Do you not know how to relax?
You can work on any area of your life thru meditation and prayer.
Come experience a life changing session designed so you can be at peace in all areas of your life. 
“anyone interested in further growth will be very satisfied” per student

"What's my life purpose?"
Are you trying to understand and finally find your purpose?  
Are you having a hard time knowing why you are here? What you want to do? 
What truly brings you joy and happiness? This session will give you tools so you can figure
out all your possibilities.  Intuitive God based insight will be used and discussed.  
This class will help you discover more about you and your life.  

"Stress less and loving it"
Learn to relax, have less stress and finally put balance back into your life.
We will address what gets under your skin and makes you fly off the handle or feel overwhelmed.
Say yes to feeling the peaceful flow of life.

"Creating abundance"
How to ask for what you want in your life is it a relationship, career, a home? What is your 
heart’s desire? Nothing is insignificant to God when you work with Him. 
Learn how to go about and fulfill your divine plan that God has for you and your life.

You will be feeling and living an abundant life.



Group sessions can be scheduled in your area, what would you like to change, what would you like to learn more about......?

Relationships, finance, health, God, Spiritual beliefs.... please email or call me.